Manager & Operators Department


We feel pleasure and pride in announcing the start of Container Terminal under the name and style Asian Container Zone as Managers & Operators.

Asian Container Zone combines decades of stevedoring and terminal operations experience of containers, break bulk, heavy lift and automotive cargoes to provide personalized solution to efficiently process your shipment faster and safer through Qasim Port and Karachi Port.

It is a well established fact that rapid development in the container utilization in cargo movement globally has increased the demand of an off dock CFS/ container terminals all over the world. Basically there are two types of terminals / yards, in port and Off Dock. It also understandable that as ports can not curtail their expanses, they are always cost wise higher than those of off dock terminals who can minimize and control their expenses.

The location of the off dock yard plays a vital and key-role in the success of off dock yard. The excessive growth of container movement has increased the demand off dock container terminals.

There are two container freight stations around Karachi beside 2/3 irregular operators, who collect cargo, stuff it and arrange its examination in the port before the ship arrives and than load it on the vessel. There are very strong indications of further freight stations requirement in the city as well as in cities from where cargo is originated.

The setting up of a CFS in itself is a system the location, volume of cargo, area required, development of slots, construction of sheds, security system, and process of documentation, transport and type of equipment required. Many changes have occurred in the technology of cargo handling and the key principal has been to prepare a flexible plan so that it can adjust with the changing demands and economical requirements.

The Off Dock freight station has to be close to the port simply because of their close association with the working of the ship or with land side interchange. Off Dock  CFS can work quite efficiently and economically at modest distance from the port, there is at least a theoretical saving having an Off Dock CFS within very close vicinity of the port , purely in reduction of fare of tractors, trailers and/or road vehicles, as compared with the terminals located in the distance corners of the city involving large haulage and traffic jams.

Asian Container Zone facilities are located just a mile away from the entrance to the Port Qasim and 35miles away from Karachi Port. So we can deliver containers alongside ships or place them as per requirement of terminal operators at the port in time to catch the ship schedule. It can meet the requirement of ship-shore interface and has sufficient container park and land side interface and will have ancillary facilities.
The facility has been ideally designed for future to form an integrated transport system and the chain has been designed as a part of large transport system i.e. from manufacturer to consolidation point as LCL or FCL. Once we get consensus of shipping line our market will result in cost effective for end users.                      

A brief out line of ACZ is as under:

Location Map

The Container Terminal is situated in a very excellent position linking and connecting city with National Motorway network in very close vicinity of Port Bin Qasim at main National Highway in district Bin Qasim Karachi. It is within 5 minutes drive from the road that links port to main National Highway. The total area under our control for Container Terminal is 250,000 Sq. meter. At present 45,000 sq. meters is being used for storage of empty containers / open yard cargoes the rest is under progress as plan below:


First terminal under establishment with such vast area off Port Muhammad Bin Qasim which definitely will increase the capability of Port Qasim in handling more vessels and resulting in growth of shipping and trade. 

Information Technology

As it plays a key role, in the operation of the terminal, through community net work services, all Pakistani dry and sea port information which will enable us to have full track of container movements between us and   dry/sea ports. We will keep tracking system of all containers moving from our yard to any destination.


This is of a paramount importance in terminal operation. ACZ security staff will be providing 24 hrs a day 365 days a year and uses most modern technique of CCTV
System, audio and auto barriers to maintain the security of all personnel and equipment.

Our project is expected to be completed by 2012 in 3- PHASES as under:

Phase I (Completed)

Construction of Boundary walls
Construction of office
Leveling strengthening of earth for storage of empty containers & open yard cargo. 
We are also offering space for stuffing and de-stuffing of cargoes, for stuffing of cargo before CUSTOM CLEARANCE & DE-STUFFING AFTER CUSTOM CLEARANCE for up country importers and exporters.

This PHASE has been completed and we have started accepting empty containers and open yard cargo. 

Phase II (Under Construction)

Pavement of roads 
Construction of covered sheds for storage of LCL Cargo.
Construction of well equipped workshop for all type of container repair and maintenance.
Construction of bonded warehouse.
Construction of watch tower with CCTV Camera
Construction of power house and Refer Plugs.
Construction of custom office

This PHASE we hope to complete by mid of 2011

Phase III

Construction of cold storage
Construction of tanks for storage of Edible Oil
Dangerous / Hazardous cargo sheds
This PHASE will be hopefully completed by Dec 2012

Operating Machinery Available
  1. Reach Stackers 40 Tons               1
  2. Empty handler                             3
  3. Trailers                                       3
  4. Fork Lifters                                  5 ( For Stuffing, De- Stuffing & Shifting etc)
Planning of Future Equipment
Electric Fork Lifter for shed cargo              1                                 

Boom Container Truck                             1

Our Present Clients
M/S. TRI CARRIER                                   U.K

M/S. SITARA SHIPPING                            MUMBAI (INDIA)