Land Ocean Trading (Pvt) Ltd had been established in 1994 with a motto to provide cargo transportation by Sea, Air, Land, Road, Rail and Complete Logistics Services to clients. Since then the company has been operating successfully providing stevedoring, container terminal, sea, air, road, railway inland transport services to shipping companies and other clients/ principals

In 1998, the company started working on a project of operating passenger cum cargo ferry service between Karachi to Dubai and extendable to Mumbai. We feel pride in informing that we are at present the only company that has been awarded permission to operate the said service by not only government of Pakistan but also from Dubai & Sharjah States. As certain protocols have to be signed between Pakistan and Indian governments, the project is held up. As soon as the protocols are signed, we will start the operation immediately.

Land Ocean Trading (Pvt) Ltd is also working on operating passenger vessel between Karachi and Jeddah for Hajj and Umrahs pilgrims, the project is under progress. We are also in touch with our old associate in shipping lines and many Agencies Agreements are in pipe line which will be finalized shortly.

Managing Director Profile:

In 2006 the company’s management was restructured with Capt. Nadim Ur Rashid as the Managing Director. The new Managing Director is one of the pioneers of shipping agency business in Pakistan. He had in past successfully handled following world class shipping lines as their agency holder in Pakistan.

  • Vessel Owner
  • Sea Train 
  • Manta Shipping , a Greece based line
  • Lalakis Shipping , A Greece based Line 
  • Saudi Europe Shipping Line
  • Saudi U.S.A Shipping Line
  • Saudi Far East Shipping Line 
  • Prime Rose Movers U.K
  • Mid Land Shipping Line Bangladesh
  • Inter Nave Agencies Singapore
  • Indo Gulf Line Singapore

Being a zealous and adventurous person by nature, his deep love for ship and sea took him to ship owning business and he joined a shipping company abroad with a fleet of 4 conventional vessels. As the trend to use the containerized vessels increased and use of conventional vessels decreased, he left the company and came back to Pakistan. In 2006 he took over the management of Land Ocean Trading (Pvt) Ltd and with his seamless experience started complete restructuring of the firm to establish it with staff, proactive, innovative, creative, productive and risk averse, on the most modern basis and equipping it with latest technologies, logistics to make everything possible for transportation by sea, air, road, rail and land which results as Land Ocean Trading (Pvt) Ltd your ultimate partner as your carrier.